Dreams keep me alive, so here are (some) of mine. What are yours?



Own my own studio

Run a successful photography business  (2014)

Be a stay at home mum

Go parasailing   (2013)

Study the whole Bible in depth (get confused and in awe over and over again)

Have 10,000 comments on this blog. (*yes, dream big*)

Spend a Christmas with family in the mountains in a cabin

Be a contributor at shelovesmagazine.com

Explore the fjords in Norway

Own a house somewhere

Take a pottery class

Take calligraphy classes

Be married to one man for one lifetime

Live in Holland. Even if only for 2 weeks. (2014)

Ride a camel

Walk the streets that Jesus walked

Float in a hot air balloon

Love so much it hurts

Write a book

Study the Bible in depth

Backpack through Europe

Change someone’s life

Sleep on the beach under the stars (2012)

Be in Thailand for the lantern festival

Make photos and videos that challenge and encourage people (2013)

Be brutally honest with overwhelming love

Journal. Forever.

Climb a mountain with my mum

Go sky-diving

Finish a marathon

Plant & harvest my own flower and vegetable garden

Photograph an author

Go camping in Montana

Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

Visit Portland, OR

Sit at the top of Victoria Falls

Be asked to be a guest contributor in an online journal

Purchase a piece of jewellery from an antique store somewhere

Learn to love snow  (2014)

Go on a kayaking expedition

Meet Donald Miller




  • 29/03/2014 - 7:50 pm

    Paula - I love your list! It’s it made me smile and remember long off dreams that I have never truly forgotten… I love your blog and your honesty.. Keep up the awesome work! And I bet someday you will have those 10,000 comments! :-)ReplyCancel

    • 29/03/2014 - 7:55 pm

      Samantha - Thank you Paula! It’s never too late to go after your dreams, life is short but everyday we have new opportunities! Thanks for adding to my comment count :)ReplyCancel

  • 25/01/2015 - 1:17 pm

    Denny - Hey Samantha, such a great seminar you gave us today in the Lighthouse. You’re a wonderful and delightful person and we were all very inspired by you. And, of course, the appealing stories you shared with us. We’ve also wrote an article about it which you can read, only thing is – it’s in Dutch. But I can translate it if you’d like!
    I heard of your blog on the way back, and wanted to link it at the end of the article. Looks like that seems to fit your dreams list of having 10.000 comments! So, here’s my share 😉 Speaking of which, what an amazing bucketlist. Is it OK with you if I use some of your dreams for my own ? 😉 I hope to meet you again soon, and thanks for a great day!ReplyCancel

    • 26/01/2015 - 1:57 am

      Samantha - Hi Denny!

      Thank you for your comment. I really enjoyed spending time with your group yesterday and sharing about what’s happening here in Amsterdam. I would love to read the article! Feel free to send it in either Dutch or English :)

      Also, feel free to add any dreams you have to your own bucket list! Life with God is full of adventure- dream big!ReplyCancel

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